What to Expect: A Great Fishing Day.


Once we have your dream day planned you need to prepare yourself in the following manner:

“Be prepared to be thrilled”

We meet at the pre-determined time at Pier21 Drystack, 11 Westhaven drive (see map below) where you will get a full boat briefing from your skipper, who will explain all the do’s and don’ts onboard along with all safety and emergency procedures. We will then head out to fishing destination for the day.

Please bring the food and drink for the day that you wish have while onboard. Bring appropriate clothing and protection from the elements whether it be hat and sunscreen or warm clothing and wet weather gear. Alcohol is permitted onboard but please consume responsibly and remember you are there to experience a great fishing experience you can celebrate your day and catch on the trip home

You are more than welcome to bring your own gear but please remember we supply up to date professional gear and tackle that is designed for the lure fishing planned for the day.

Remember to bring along a Chilli bin, Cooler, Eski or whatever you may call them for your catch but for safety and comfort please leave them in your vehicle for our return, we provide salt ice and storage onboard.


Appart from great fishing charters we also do:

  • Bird Watching
  • Site Seeing
  • America’s cup viewing trips
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